Global Franchise Architects

Global Franchise Architects (GFA) is Geneva, Switzerland-based organization that creates, operates and franchises a growing portfolio of specialty food service brands with strong identities and international appeal. Our portfolio currently encompasses Coffee World, New York 5th Av. Deli, and Cream & Fudge.

Over the past decade, GFA has continuously and successfully developed our concepts and brands, expanding into markets spanning Asia-Pacific. Today, three of GFA’s brands number over 150 locations in eight countries, including some of the world’s largest consumer markets: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bahrain, and Laos.


The quality mission of GFA is simple: to never stop improving the customer experience in all of our stores, in every location. Every initiative is subsequently designed to follow this guideline, from boardroom to kitchen. To ensure successful implementation, GFA employs extensive and rigorous systems for collecting and analyzing customer satisfaction indices and preferences. The results of this analysis are used to tailor our offerings as appropriate in each local market.

Become A Franchise Partner

Do you have a thirst/desire for learning and keen enthusiasm for pleasing customers? Then you already possess the traits to make your franchise a success. At GFA, we have developed the tools and methods to translate your inner potential into a thriving business.