Launched in 1997, Coffee World is a friendly neighborhood coffee house serving a variety of hot and iced coffees with fresh foods that can be enjoyed in harmony, such as waffles, sandwiches and our signature cakes, muffins and cookies. Today, Coffee World has expanded to over 100 stores in seven countries, with our product lines fine-tuned to match the cultural sensibilities and preferences in each country.


Inspired by the famed delicatessens native to New York City, we serve a range of high quality sandwiches, soups and salads, made to order and on the go. Offering a healthy, fresh, quick and value-friendly meal, our shops are modern, relaxing, and comfortable venues that bring the best of the Big Apple to you.


Super premium smooth and creamy ice-cream are made fresh on-site, where customers can selects their favorite flavors to be hand-folded on a frozen marble slab with their selection of additive of nuts, fruits, candies, cookies and fudge. In addition, Cream & Fudge has a menu of proprietary and innovative creations ready for customers to select and enjoy as take-away ice-cream, and a la carte menu.

Papa John's

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While Coffee World is known for satisfying snacks and desserts to go with our delicious coffees and drinks, we have expanded our dining options for our customers looking for a more complete dining experience to sit down and enjoy with family and friends.


Thai food has deservedly earned its place among the pantheon of world cuisines favorites, and Thai Chef Express can transport a convenient, authentically delicious and budget friendly concept of classic Thai dishes to anywhere in the world.